Enabling ROS2 and DDS for the Robotics Industry and Factories of the Future

Neuron, ADLINK's industrial-grade Robot Operating System (ROS) development kit, is compatible with ROS2, allowing users to control robots using the open source ROS2 application libraries and packages. Not only does Neuron have configurable CPU/RAM/storage and a full set of common industrial interfaces, but a GPU can also be integrated for AI computing. With Neuron, you can reduce development costs and decrease time-to-market for your robotics system.

Neuron Development Kit - Specifications

  • Mini-ITX form factor : 170 mm x 170 mm (L x W)
1. CPU
2. RAM
3. Storage
4. Ethernet
5. USB
6. Interfaces
7. Serial Ports
8. Mini PCIe
9. PCIe
10. Display
11. Power Supply
12. Software

Quickly and easily develop your robotic applications!

Flexible Hardware

Configurable specifications: choose the CPU and GPU to meet your needs

Software Friendly

ROS2 and DDS are open source; examples and full documentation are provided

Scalable System

One Neuron in a robot or many in a smart factory