ADLINK corporate with ROS-I and ABB for control the robot arm with ROS in ITAP 2018

ADLINK attend Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2018 (ITAP' 2018) held in Singapore on 16 to 18 October. In this event, ADLINK corporate with ROS-I and ABB for control the robot arm with ROS. ADLINK think ROS/ROS 2.0 is a suitable platform for different kind of robot arm can communicate with each other. With this feature, the factory owner could buy different brands of robot arm to fullfill not only the cost but the functions they need. It would make the factory more customized and flexible to meet the future factory.

ADLINK attend ROSCon 2018 as a silver sponsor and introduce the ROS controller to worldwide ROS developers

ADLINK attend ROSCon 2018 in Spain this year which is the biggest event for ROS insdutry. In this event, the special assistant to chairman at ADLINK, Ryan Chen, gave a quick talk for not only the ADLINK instruction but also the industrial ROS controller ADLINK present. ADLINK try to announce that ADLINK had now step into robotic industry and the factory of the future with ROS because ADLINK own a DDS company. We believe that we can provide the high quality of both hardware and software products to customers.

ADLINK released an ROS2 RMW implementation on top of Zhe (lightweight DDS)

This is a proof-of-concept implementation of the core functionality of the ROS2 RMW interface layer on top of Zhe. It currently hardcodes the use of the example UDP platform code and the example p2p configuration of Zhe.


ADLINK Partners with FFG for 5G- and ROS2-based Factories of the Future

ADLINK Technology, a global leader in Edge Computing,  has joined forces with Fair Friend Group (FFG) to develop the new ROS2 toward Converged 5G for Factories of the Future project. The collaboration integrates wireless 5G network technologies with ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2) platforms to provide system architecture enabling real-time control and reliable communication. Igniting the next wave of growth for the network communication sector, the project can drive Industry 4.0 ecosystem development to bring on a productivity revolution for Factories of the Future.

ADLINK Neuron @ IoT/M2M Expo - Japan Tokyo

It's a great honor of ADLINK Neuron to has a such news !

Here's the partial content from 日経 xTECH news

ADLINKジャパンは、「第7回IoT/M2M展 春」(2018年5月9日~11日に東京ビッグサイトで開催)にブースを構え、ROS2(Robot Operating System2)を搭載する産業ロボットの開発に向けた、台湾ADLINK Technology社のスターターキット「Neuron」を展示した。さらに、このキットをベースに開発したロボットを使ったデモンストレーションも行った。

「Neuron」は、このキット専用のMini-ITXフォームファクター(170mm×170mm)のボードコンピューター、およびソフトウエア(ROS2など)からなる。ADLINKジャパン代表取締役社長の服部幹雄氏によれば、ROSからROS2になったことで、DDS(Data Distribution Service)機能が含まれるようになった。これにより、ロボットの自律動作が可能になったという。

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